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The Convent of Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ) at Kellock is one of the eleven CHIJ schools in Singapore. In 1854, four nuns from France belonging to the order of the Infant Jesus, had come to Singapore for opening orphanages and schools. The CHIJ in Kellock Road was the last of the eleven convent schools wich was established by them in 1964. The convent school required more space since it was teaching new subjects especially technology related topics, so it relocated to its present location at 1, Bukit Theresa in 2002. In 2014, the convent school with only girl students celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.

CHIJ Kellock School Near to Silat Avenue

The school is managed by the principal , a board of management and has a well trained faculty. The school aims at ensuring all round development of its students. Students are trained to be self aware, aware of their own emotions and behavioral traits. They are also trained in self management, understanding her response to various situations and choices which are being made. Students are also socially aware, they should understand the emotions of others, and their perspective of the conditions. The student is also taught how to express herself in a way which is socially acceptable and build healthy relationships with others.

CHIJ Kellock School Avenue South Residence

CHIJ Kellock believes in having a safe and disciplined environment for its students,with students respecting and loving themselves, their peers, and teachers. It has a number of departments for the different subjects which are being taught. Some of the subjects are English, Math, Science, Mother tongue, Holistic health, Information technology, Creative Arts, Character and Citizenship development. The school has a pinafore type school uniform with a blue tunic, and a white shirt. Students are expected to wear the school uniform with the school badge at all times when they are in school except during physical education.

CHIJ Kellock School Convent School

The uniform has a belt which has to be tightened appropriately. The school uniforms includes white canvas shoes with white shoe laces and white socks. Students should not wear nail polish. Students are expected to be present at the school daily at 7.30 am though during rainy weather, they are allowed to reach till 7.45 am. If the student is absent from school they should either get a medical certificate or a letter of excuse from their parents. The school has a canteen where students can purchase food, and all the food should be consumed in the canteen only. The use of electronic devices which interfere with the school studies is prohibited.

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