Avenue South Residence Pricing Details

One of the questions that have been lingering in the minds of potential customers is the value of acquiring a unit in Avenue South Residence. During its first sale by the government one year ago, analysts deemed the tender’s value as somewhat overwhelming: only a single person submitted the purchase bid; thereby, it was unrivaled. The UOL and subsidiaries made an offer of $ 1.04 billion (per plot ratio of $ 1, 138 psf), a figure that was an overstatement of its actual cost.

Avenue South Residence Pricing Details by UOL

The room units range from one bedroom to five bedrooms, and there are additional charges for clients who want further study spaces. The UOL Group announced that it would contract a joint initiative firm that will undertake the proposed development and acquisition of the entire site. The parent company will assume 50% ownership while KLC 20% and UIC take 30%. Based on the psf ppr bid of $ 1138, market experts projected a breakdown of psf ppr $ 1, 600. The owners estimate that the selling price of the entity could fall in the range $ 1900 to $ 2000 psf.

Avenue South Residence Kheng Leong

The Avenue South Residence comes with lucrative heritage and history since the nation’s establishment. Residents will get to enjoy the nostalgic lifestyle of the skyscraper that stretches up to Chinatown precinct. It is also near plenty of malls within its proximity, exposing residents to a couple of contemporary conveniences. For instance, there is the Vivo city mall that has restaurants, movie theaters, various retail stores, and numerous cuisines.

Avenue South Residence Pricing

The Singapore public company, the UOL group, is one of the most trusted developers in the world over and its long-time partner- Kheng Leong. Since its inception in the early 1960s, the firm has been consistent in establishing its reputation alongside the delivery of high-quality constructions and a tested record of accomplishment. The organization also practices the policy of customer obsession, meaning clients can quickly get value for their money.

To summarize, the cost of the land bid for the Avenue South Residence is psf $ 1, 138 per plot ratio, whereas the estimated itemization for the developments is psf $ 1, 600. Interested residents should make timely queries and orders while stocks last. Imperatively, all the prices that this article highlights are estimations prepared solely for reference purposes. They are bound to change without notice.

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