Rail Corridor Near to Avenue South Residence

Rail Corridor Urban Redevelopment Authority

There was a recent announcement by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the National Parks Board (NPB) on that enhancement works for Bukit Railway Station. It is going to begin next year. There was a community event at the station at which Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong shared: The Rail Corridor is located near to Avenue South Residence.

Rail Corridor Announcement by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

• Friends of Rail Corridor will be leading the community. They will activate reopened corridors of rail stretches along its southern half.
• The Bukit Timah-Rochor Green Corridor, which would be a new linear park. This park would be elevated above the Bukit Timah Canal.
Bukit Timah Railway Station Elections
Early 2020 will be an important year as former railway station and its surrounding as community node enhancement would begin. Works such as:
• Tuss bridges restoration
• Habitat enhancements
• New pedestrian underpass at Hindhede
• Improvement to trails

Enhancement on Rail Corridor Projects

This is to enhance Rail Corridor. It had been going for the past two years. The key themes include:
• Recreation
• Biodiversity and Greenery
• Heritage and Culture
Conservation guidelines would be followed to carry out the work. For providing shelter and toilet to the public, there will be the construction of the 8-mile railway platform. It would be near Rail Mall and a rest point to access the Rail Corridor. Buildings would showcase original features of the railway. But, it would be for public enjoyment.
Advisers like Ms. Sim Ann, Mr. Christopher de Souza, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, and Mr. Liang Eng Hwa were with Minister Lawrence Wong at the event. To mark the enhancement works of community node, they planted Mangifera caesia trees. It is expected for the enhancement works to be completed in phases by 2021.
Friends of Rail Corridor
There will be more opportunities for community activities by 2020. Friends of Rail Corridor are playing an active role, which has assisted the elderly, wheel-chair users, and families with strollers. Get more information on friends of the rail corridor and there is a sign-up option for public members who are interested in a contribution for Rail Corridor enhancement. The Rail Corridor will be located near to Avenue South Residence by UOL Group at Silat Avenue.

Bukit Timah-Rochor Green Corridor

This park is going to add beauty to the recreational connections of Singapore. These connections are going to add adventure in public’s life as they would be able to explore more options and opportunities to explore the city.
The recreational connections in Singapore include:
• Rail Corridor
• Round Island Route
• Coast-to-Coast Trail
Bukit Timah-Rochor Green Corridor is expected to be a journey through a riverine forest and will connect to Rail Corridor. The construction is expected to begin in 2021. The first phase comprises 1.4 km and stretches to Elm Avenue from the Rail Corridor. It is expected to be 11 km in total and extended to Kallang Riverside Park.

Tiong Bahru Plaza Near to Avenue South Residence Singapore

Tiong Bahru Plaza Located at Tiong Bahru Road

Tiong Bahru Plaza or The Plaza, as it is locally known is one of the oldest malls in Singapore. It was constructed in 1994 in Tiong Bahru Estate, Tiong Bahru Road. The mall has 6 floors housing various shops, entertainment and eating joints to go with 3 parking levels in the basement. The mall was sold by UOL Limited to ARMF (TBP) Pvt Ltd in 2003, who have since undertaken renovations to the mall twice in 2005 and 2015. The latter one went on for almost a year and has transformed the mall into a modern shopping plaza while still retaining its earlier charm. Avenue South Residences is located near to Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Tiong Bahru Plaza Located at Tiong Bahru Road

One of the basement parking levels has been converted into retail space, new shops have been opened, a new playground has been added on the 3rd floor and an open outdoor public square has been created for hosting promotional and entertainment events. The mall therefore attracts a lot of local as well as tourist crowds. It is among the top 10 places to visit in Singapore by many travel sites and is ranked number 1 shopping mall by many. Tiong Bahru Plaza is located near to Avenue South Residence by UOL Group Singapore.

Tiong Bahru Plaza Facilities

The Plaza is directly connected to the Exit B of Tiong Bahru MRT station and is therefore easy to reach. It has over 165 shops and lots of moving spaces despite having thousands of visitors as there is something for everyone. Ladies love to shop the cheap and branded garments, jewellery and footware and the children get thrilled at the play stations, while the men find latest gadgets at discounted prices. The Golden Village movie hall, outdoor events plaza and the numerous options for eating like KFC, McDonalds, Toast Box, Paratha Wala, Baba Wins etc mean that you will not feel like leaving the place ever. It has Bodyshop, Faceshop, NTUC Healthcare and many bank branches along with money changers.

Tiong Bahru Plaza and Shopping Options

All in all, Tiong Bahru Plaza offers a true one stop shopping as well as entertainment outing with the entire family. Whether you are a first timer or a regular in Singapore, this is one place you would never want to miss. The Tiong Plaza has the finest shopping options including the NTUC supermarket, Guardian, popular bookshops, Pepper plus, Wanko, Echo, Nail services etc. It is must visit especially during the Great Singapore Sale that lasts for over 2 months. So, go ahead and treat yourself with the best combination of shopping and entertainment in Singapore.