Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal Silat Avenue

The Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal is a terminal for buses that is located on Spooner road around Jalan Bukit Merah and Kampong Bahru Road junction. It is the bus routes terminating point for buses towards and away from the city. It was officiated on 10/03/2018 which replaced New Bridge Bus terminal the former one. Kampong Bahru bus stop is operated by SBS transit, who happened to be the Bukit Merah Bus qualified tenderer.

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal Located near to Silat Avenue

The terminal always serves as the bus route terminating point that serves new bridge road and Chinatown before it branches towards the heartlands. It has a nearby station approximate 600 meters away located in North East and East-West line called Outram Park MRT Station. Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal is located near to Silat Avenue Avenue South Residence located near to the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The terminal has 29 bus-parking lots in a singular concourse and has separate vehicular exits and entrances towards the Spooner road. A passenger concourse has four sawtooth berths which are used in boarding activities and the linear alighting berth. Every berth has an equipped wheelchair waiting area, priority seat benches, and metal queue lines.

Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal Near to Housing Estates

The New Bridge Bus Terminal Road was built around 1970 for serving many bus services that terminate towards the New Bridge Road south end. It hence replaced the past roadside bus terminal, that used to cause road congestion frequently. After some periods, the bus terminals were then moved to the new terminal from the old roadside terminating point.

The terminal was used over a long period for housing many bus routes until they started constructing the East-West line around early 1990 and the then construction of North East line later in 2003. The housing states and new bridge road had several bus routes between them which were then amended or withdrawn from the new bridge road due to several bus realization schemes. The aim was preventing any wasteful MRT lines duplications, leaving all trunk routes behind.

SBS Transit Poster Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal

On 18/03/2018, the new bridge bus station was then relocated to the Kampong Bahru bus terminal, that was built on the land that was formerly owned by the KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad), being the National Railway Operator of Malaysia. The new bridge bus terminal road that was before, with its car park that was adjacent to it, was then cleared and a surgery center was built there, which expanded the existing infrastructure at the SGH ( Singapore General Hospital). The built surgery center was then called an Elective Care Center which is then scheduled to become ready by 2022, where more specialist outpatient clinics, operating theaters, and inpatient facilities will be added to the SGH.


• Barrier-free Toilets
• Add Value Machine
• Bicycle Parking Lots (150)
• Family Room
• Charging Area
• Canteen
• Boarding Berths priority seating
• Passenger Service Counters (SMRT Buses & SBS Transit)
• Transit-link Ticket Office (Currently Not In Use)
• Water Coolers
• Retail Shops ( Currently Not In Use)

Singapore General Hospital Near to Silat Avenue
Singapore Improvement Trust Straits Settlements
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