276 Units Out of 300 Units Sold at Avenue South Residence

During the first day on September 7, the UOL Group had already sold about 276 of the 300 units that were launched at Avenue South Residence. The works translated into about 26% of the units that was the residential project that was jointly developed by UIC, UOL Group and Kheng Leong Co.

276 Units Out of 300 Units Sold at Avenue South Residence

UOL is one of the open real estate companies registered in Singapore with a wide range of improvements and real estate investments, hotels, and suites with services. UOL strongly believes in offering excellence and quality management in all our commercial aggregates. Our property improvement functions include residential units, office towers, shopping centers, hotels and suites with services.

Kheng Leong Co began its functions as a global commodity exchange and enthusiasm company. Over the years, the company has kept pace with the changing business landscape and has advanced as an investment group with quotas on property improvements and land investment. Today, Kheng Leong Group has a sophisticated portfolio of high-quality business improvement projects, through direct investment or collaboration with key partners covering the Asia-Pacific region of Hong Kong and Shanghai, such as Los Angeles and London.

Avenue South Residence Units Sold by Developer UOL

Buyers were generally Singaporean, and participated in a mix of investors and owners, according to Jesslyn Goh, director of investments and head of resources at UOL. The most popular units are those of one room and those of two rooms. The three and four-bedroom units also noted health procedures.

According to reports, buyers are particularly attracted to the development potential in this area as well as the properties of powerful elements. The mission is located at the intersection of Kampong Bahru Road and Silat Street, at the main gate of the south coast. From Passing Panjang to Marina East, it will become a gate and another important site of urban life along the southern coast of Singapore. With its location facing the sea and its rich industrial heritage, the neighborhood can be transformed into an exceptional goal that everyone can enjoy.

Heritage Units Highly Sought After for Avenue South Residence

According to Bruce Lee, the Heritage units were among the most sought after. The Heritage Collection comprises only 86 units in five supervised barriers worked by the former Singapore Improvement Fund, a pioneer of HDB. Due to the surprising reaction, the developer made other 200 units. These units include those of the Peak Group, situated on the 37th floor to the highest floors in the 56-story towers.

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