Cantonment MRT Station Located near to Tanjong Pagar

Cantonment Station is an under station which is located in the Circle Line Stage 6. The station was developed along Keppel road just next to the Cantonment Link junction. It brings railway connection to Cantonment estate, Tanjong Paga, Spottiswoode Estate as well as the next developments to be established in Keppel area.

The Cantonment station was named after the Cantonment area which was initially utilized as lodgings to many troops. It’s next to Keppel Port to the south; the port is planned to undergo more developments after 2030, the time the container port will be moved to Tuas. Also, the Greater Southern Waterfront area is under future planning to provide more living in the city. Avenue South Residence which is located near to Cantonment MRT Station at Silat Avenue will be available for sale soon. It is located around 600m away.

Cantonment MRT Station Located near to Tanjong Pagar

The Cantonment Station lies in the older Tanjong Pagar Railway platform and closes to 290 meters is expected to be demolished to pave the way for new constructions. The old station will be reinstated fully after the Cantonment Station is completed by 2025. However, the 1st 80 m of every platform from the station building won’t be affected and will be adequately protected during construction.

The Cantonment Sation(MRT) has 2 platforms arranged in an island way. It has the Full-height platform where the screen doors separate the well air-conditioned station and the tunnel environment; this promotes the station comfort and safety to the commuter. Then escalators, lift, and stairs join the platform level and the concourse just one floor up. Concourse surrounds the platform generating enough interior space in the station.

Cantonment MRT Station Platform

Then, Passenger Information Systems, they’re plasma display screens in every platform, they display the train arrival times as well as key messages to passengers. The tactile flooring used helps the visually impaired people to move into the station.

The Concourse station found in Basement B3 has the faregates to collect charges automatically, and it offers access between unpaid and paid sections in the station. It has a bidirectional swinging gate to help the passenger using wheelchairs as well as those transporting heavy items. General Ticketing Machines help travelers to buy tickets for either many or single journeys, also the Top-up Machines provide contactless card transactions. The station office is the Passenger Service center which is fully staffed to help commuters in case of a need; the staff also helps commuters with card transactions. There’re washrooms in the lower concourse level next to Service Center. The station is made to offer all commuters the comfort they require.

Cantonment MRT Station Layout and Passenger Service

The Cantonment station serves as the Civil Defence Shelter in the Circle Line S6, that can be made active during emergency issues. The station is designed and well equipped to meet all demands. The shelter has facilities like ventilation room, protective blast doors, power supply, decontamination facilities, and water supply systems.

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